By: Bettina – Cabos Corrientes, Mexico

I am in Mexico, starting the year out at a yoga and surf retreat.  I’ve been mostly disconnected from the internet but thought I should post a little bit about this experience.  We’ve been eating clean and simple meals made by Xinalani’s lovely Chef Mario Portillo.  Mario was kind enough to allow me into his healthy kitchen for few hours to cook along side him and learn some of his tricks.

We made chipotle chocolate truffles, avocado sauce, guajillo pepper salsa, vegan “shrimp” to skewer and serve kabob style. Eating clean, simple food can dramatically turn your health around.



Melted chocolate and mashed chipotle pepper (above). We added a dash of soy milk.  Once warmed, we spread it on a baking sheet and it becomes matte-looking (below).20140108-210302.jpg





Then we fill them with almond slivers, roll them in a ball and roll the balls in dried coconut made on premises.

20140108-210323.jpg For the sauces, we took dried guajillo peppers (you can use any kind of dried pepper), opened them up, took out the seeds which are the spicy part.  We added onion, tomatoes, salt and water. Blend and thank you.





We made vegan “shrimp” by grating cauliflower, a bit of carrot and celery with ground nori seaweed.  We added Chickpea flour as a binder and baked them. Delicious with our avocado cream sauce.


By now you know what a fan I am of avocados… I put them on anything and everything. But it still doesn’t cease to amaze me how versatile this little fruit is. In the sauce we just took 4 avocados, added lemon, half a jalapeño (we’re in Mexico, come’on) and a little bit of salt and voila! A delicious creamy (and healthy) sauce.





I’ve had a magical time.