By: Bettina

I am about to embark on something that has kind of freaked me out to blog about.  It’s all about Restorative Kitchen lifestyle but somehow putting it out on the web means I have to do it which makes it a little intimidating… to not say flat out scary!  My beau and I decided a few weeks ago that we’d like to start the year out meeting a bunch of goals we have, among them… getting him much healthier so he can participate in a triathlon. And I wanted to blog daily for a month, really kick RK into “go” mode.

Last time I was out in San Francisco, he drove me through Marin County, the cradle of the slow food, organic, bio-dynamic and everything “food” movements.  We got to a little town called Bolinas about an hour north of SF and decided that was our spot.  So we’re doing it.  February 1st we move to Bolinas for a month of healthy eating, surfing (I am a brand new surfer so we will see how that goes in the freezing water with my warm, warm Cuban – Caribbean blood), walks after dinner and general mindfulness.   As some of you know, I have a bustling commercial production business (which just signed new clients) and the idea of additionally finding time to cook three meals a day, take pictures, edit and blog everyday seems almost insurmountable.  But I am doing it… Stick with me, will ya?  I hope I don’t let you guys down.

The idea is to stick to the core of Restorative Kitchen: healing your body through food.  I have been off of my usual vegetarian diet since culinary school and I can see the difference, in my shape, in my cholesterol numbers, in my pant size and general health.  I have had headaches more, have gotten a bit run down, had a total immune system breakdown in December, found two cysts in my ovaries again…  It’s time for me to seriously curb the dairy (in Bolinas I should be able to get raw, unpasteurized dairy which is good for you) and meat intake.  In Bolinas I want to keep to mostly vegetarian and lots of vegan recipes.  I’ll use ghee because it’s so good for you and try to eat local, organic and responsibly raised organ meats and some sustainable fish and seafood which is plentiful up there… Nothing extreme, just tendencies and see how we feel on March 1st.  But more than anything else, I am excited to take advantage of the local, seasonal produce.  I spent hours and hours pouring over recipes that I will surely adapt to my style, but I think it’s going to be good.  I am excited.

Here’s to 30 days of health and to being lucky enough to have this sort of opportunity.  🙂 #deepdowngratitude