By: Bettina – Madrid, Spain

Since we started adding our bylines with who is posting and where we are… you may have noticed just how much I travel.  In the past 30 days I have been in LA, Tahoe, Miami, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Madrid.  But everywhere I go, I try to eat well. The operative word being “try”. 😉

People have been asking me for health tips a lot lately (of course, it’s after the holidays).  And the one thing I keep going back to is the Unwrapped Food Diet.  That’s what has changed most about the way I eat.  I eat mostly food that does not come in a wrapper.  I don’t even put vegetables in plastic at the supermarket.  I like to grab different items and see the mix of bright colors in my basket.  Whether it’s at the Farmer’s Market or the conventional supermarket, the less I have to buy food that comes in a package, the better. It’s a sure way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.