By: Bettina – Miami Beach, FL

This week is Art Basel in Miami.  It’s a time when your days are full of sensory overload in galleries and conventions and your nights are laden with parties and openings.  There are drinks to be had and delicious food to be consumed.  So at the beginning of the week I reminded myself to MODERATE.  It isn’t about not having a single drink or not tasting a single dessert.  It’s about being conscious to do your best to care for yourself, no matter what is going on around you.  Many of you probably experienced something similar at Thanksgiving last week.

I try to keep to a few simple rules: have a healthy and nutrient packed breakfast at home. I have been having juices, wheatgrass shots and pretty substantive breakfasts with lots of greens to make sure that if I am tempted later, I got my nutrition in early.  Secondly, I have been super-hydrating.  I gulp down two glasses of water every time I walk out the door (which is a lot).  This softens any dehydration that may be caused by my good friends Wine or Whiskey.  I also add at least a full glass of water in between said drinks.

For the entire week I have also limited myself to being home before midnight so I can get some shut eye (and avoid the bleary-eyed temptation of more drinks).  So while I have gone out, seen art, had a ton of fun… I feel good.  I am a bit tired as going out all day and night for 6 days straight isn’t the norm for me… but in general terms, I feel good.  It’s all about balance.

Here is my heart morning breakfast:

IMG_6398 IMG_6400 IMG_6404Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 4.03.09 PM

1 small onion

1 Bunch Mushrooms

2 eggs

1 slice sprouted toast

1 cup kale

1 handful of sunflower sprouts

– Bettina