By: Mau – Northampton, MA

There’s a lot of confusion about what to eat. There’s a great deal of fear around food – some will cause heart disease while another will make you fat, the other is filled with carcinogens and yet another causes diabetes, etc. I’d like to use RK to sort out some of the truths from the myths and I’ll do this over a series of posts that you can find under #foodways. First, though, I’ll provide you with  a very brief list that can serve as a compass while navigating the (social/political/emotional) seas of diets and foodways. By the way, I’m gonna be using the word ‘foodways’ mostly when referring to ways that people select, prepare, and eat their food. Diet refers mostly to the food itself and often carries a connotation of ‘something you do for weight loss’. I’m not into weightloss. I believe when the body is getting what it needs it finds it’s appropriate weight – this is never obese.

RK FOOD Compass:

  • Eat unpackaged food
  • Eat organic whenever possible if not always
  • Eat colorfully yet simply
  • Chew A LOT!!!
  • Take time with preparing your food – it heals your brain
  • Eat some raw and some cooked
  • Chew more!
  • Eat meat if you like it, but eat pasture-raised meat only -See my post on meat
  • Eat fish but eat it sustainable and wild
  • Eat eggs but eat the ones with orange yolks – not just cage-free but free-range if possible
  • EAT FERMENTED FOODS EVERYDAY!!! These have to be non-pasteurized; pasteurization kills the probiotics in these foods – quality yogurt (full fat, no sugar), kimchee, sauerkraut, fermented veggies, miso paste, sourdough bread, quality cheeses (in moderation)
  • Sit with your meals – don’t eat in a rush
  • Eat what’s in season


Image Attribution: Renwick Gallery – Society of North American Goldsmiths records, [ca. 1965-2003], (bulk 1985-1995)