I’m on a mission here, people, I want to vegetables all day long.  I usually eat a ton of vegetables but in these 30 days I have ramped that up.  Taking recipes that I have tried before and swapping out the main ingredients for veggies.  (You will notice my newfound love for purple cabbage).gallette veggies

In culinary school I learned how to make fancy stuff like a Peach Gallette (in lay man’s terms, a handmade pie with no mold, you just fold the dough onto itself and it stands alone).  These are really just rustic pies.  But what would happen if I swapped out the fruit for vegetables?  Yumminess could ensue. So…

veggies in gallette

I sautéed veggies I had available: asparagus, shallots, purple cabbage (my new BFF). I made a gluten free pie crust made mostly from brown rice flour (brand: Gluten Free Pantry). I’m not going to lie… I made this over the weekend when I had time to go through the process of making crust. It isn’t hard but it takes time because it needs to be refrigerated various times so that it will hold.

veggies in gallette

But once I had the sautéed vegetables in the crust and popped it in the oven, the smell made me ravenous.  Plus it lasted for two meals for two people.

Eat more veggies, any way you can!  😉