By: Bettina – Miami Beach, FL

Yes, yes, I’ve heard the joke… I don’t even give my husband a massage, why would I massage a salad?  Well, because kale is a buzz word that all of you are likely hearing but you may buy it and decide you’d rather choke on the sole of a shoe than eat it.  This preparation will make you fall in love with kale which is key because kale has more calcium in a one cup serving than milk, more vitamin C than your recommended daily value, more Vitamin A as well. It’s full of anti-oxidants, fiber… and if you prepare it this way, it’s simply delicious.

Plain kale

This is plain lacinato kale in a chiffonade cut. You can use any kind of kale, I just find this dark variety more delicious.


1 bunch kale (destemmed), chopped or chiffonade

dash of Celtic Salt

1.5 Tbsp Udo’s Oil or high quality Olive Oil

Juice of 1 lemon

1 Tbsp hemp seeds

1 tsp honey

1 whole avocado


1. Wash kale and remove stems.  Dry using a salad spinner. Chop or chiffonade.

2. Add coarse salt and oil.

3. Massage for 45 seconds to 1 minute.


4. Add hemp seeds, lemon, honey and avocado.

5. Serve and enjoy!


More Nutritional info on kale:

Vitamin A 133% Vitamin C 134%
Calcium 10% Iron 5%
Vitamin D 0% Vitamin B-6 10%
Vitamin B-12 0% Magnesium 7%

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