Reboot Breakfast!!! Cabbage and quinoa with garlic tahini sauce and a side of kimchee.

I ate deliciously in Spain. Food there is so delicious. They prepare everything simply and with fresh ingredients. That being said, I had dairy everyday (and not the raw food kind), I ate croquetas like they were going extinct and jamon serrano as if I was a connoisseur who needed to amply sample every piece of ham in sight. And I don’t feel guilty about this. But my body is protesting, badly. My eradicated eczema is flaring up!! Obviously I gained a few pounds and to top it off, I arrived back home with a crazy hive rash all over my face and neck. My body is clearly accustomed to lots of vegetables, low grain and very sporadic meat consumption. This kind of indulgence may have been pushing it. So I am back stateside now and am indulging in… Vegetables and detoxifying foods. Vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner with juices in between. And in less than two days I’ve lost 4 pounds, the eczema has stopped cracking and peeling and I have enough energy to have gone for a good run each morning. 😉 Amen for reboots! Don’t ever be afraid to start over or beat yourself up about a bit (or a lot) of indulgence. Just get back on track.