We are approaching the big harvest time in New England and Purslane is everywhere. Most farmers toss this “weed” in the compost. But Purslane is a brilliantly nutritious plant that has a high mineral content and one of the highest Omega 3 ratings of any plant leaf. You’ve probably seen this semisucculent weed growing between the cracks of sidewalks or along walls. I’ve seen it from growing from Maine to Miami. I wouldn’t advise getting a bunch from the sidewalk or from a city street as it may have been visited by a dog marking its territory and may have sequestered some nasty toxins and metals from city grime. But if you find some in a clean field, grab it, eat it raw in a salad or lightly sauteed with butter or ghee!

Wild edible grows everywhere - high in omega 3's

Wild edible grows everywhere – high in omega 3’s