Friends & Partners



Ser Padres is the Spanish version of Parenting Magazine. Bettina and Mau run their holistic nutrition blog! Check it out.

En español.



Bite Kitchen is a Food & Nutrition workshop series run by Mauricio and others. We work with a variety of experts in the community ranging from farmers to restauranteers, nutritionists, holistic healers, herbalists, and homesteaders to bring health and nutrition wisdom to teens and young adults.



Bajrang Tea is a medicinal herbal tea company run by Adam Barnard, Michael Crigler, and Mauricio Abascal. Their herbal infusions (teas) are carefully crafted blends of herbs offering essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients that help bring balance and wellbeing to overburdened bodies. Try it!



Clearpath Herbals School of Herbal Medicine is located in Western Massachusetts. They offer courses in Clinical Herbalism and Community Herbalism. Mauricio learned much of what he knows about herbal medicine through Clearpath.