I keep noticing that everyone is asking me about some common subjects over and over lately: Omega 3s, probiotics, gluten gluten gluten!  Has anyone noticed that we didn’t hear about these things 10-15 years ago? Why are we suddenly taking Omega 3 in prescription doses? Avoiding gluten (most people are just trying to figure out what food has gluten in it)? Why celebrities all around are pushing yogurts like Activia?

In talking to a friend last night, she mentioned these questions so we thought it could be interesting to tackle some of these subjects for you here.  In the coming weeks we’ll try to break down why these issues are around now? Why our grandparents ate fatty, fried foods and lived healthy lives till they were 90 or 100?

Let’s start with Omegas… Two generations ago across the Americas children were given “omegas” most commonly in the form of Scott’s Emulsion.  My parents were both fed spoonfuls of “emulsion de Scott. They also ate bread that was natural:  fermented (hello heavenly sourdough); made from unbleached, whole wheat flour; and contained lots of nuts and seeds.  Bread was chock full of Omegas from the bran of the wheat kernel, from the nuts and seeds and was a fermented product (probiotic).

Bread is just one example of how the industrialization of food made our “processed” food unhealthy.  They made bread white by taking out all of the goodness so it would have a longer shelf life at the market.  Combine the amount of processed bread we eat and the “fat-free” craze, we essentially eliminated Omegas from our diet.  Omegas are in the end… PURE FAT!

Biggest myth of them all: Fat is bad for you.

Truth: not eating fat is one of the major contributors to our un-health.

Fix: Eat less processed foods, eat more fat!  YAY!  Avocado and fish, anyone?