By: Bettina – Madrid, Spain

Kale has been a revolution in my life and in that of those who I love.  A little over 5 years ago, kale came on the scene and like a good health peddlers, Mau and I started introducing it to everyone we know, especially people that we love.  Why?  Well kale is really high-fiber, low calorie brassica filled with important vitamins like K, A and C as well as anti-oxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids that are so beneficial for people like Baby Boomers who have a higher chance of getting cancer than someone my age. Plus, to me, some well-prepared kale tastes delicious.

The initial faces of my parents, family and friends in the Baby Boomer generation when they try kale, merited documenting.  I wish I had a camera on me for all of these experiences.  The general expression was “yuck” or “gross.”  But as Mau and I showed these adults in our lives how to prepare kale with love and attention (massaging it, steaming it, sautéing it) things changed.

So much so that  last night I got this text message from my mother who I recently introduced to Lacinato or Dinosaur kale from our Farmer’s Market in Coconut Grove, Miami.  She had only tried curly kale in the past and I am much more of a fan of the dark green Lacinato Kale. Getting messages like these fill my heart with joy: “I know u r sleeping but I wanted to share this.  I am addicted to kale!! I went to Whole Foods to get the dark green kale that I bought at the Farmer’s Market with you and Michael and I couldn’t find it. I got the regular kind and the difference in the quality and bunch is big. I don’t remember how much I paid for the dark green one at farmers market, but it is worth every penny. Thank you for introducing me to kale, mi amor. I love it. I love you!   And I love Mau, too. I know he pushed for this health change, too. I hope u r having a swell time in Spain.”

Is my Mom the cutest thing ever, or what?