By Bettina – Venice, CA

One of the main reasons I became a nutrition chef is due to the influence of Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution.  Watching his short-lived show made me sign up as a volunteer chef in a Washington Heights, NY after school program teaching kids about food and nutrition.  If sad, this is of the most fulfilling work I have ever done.  Kids couldn’t tell an onion from a potato.  For many of these kids, food was something that was born in a box and warmed in a microwave.  The idea that a pizza comes from wheat, tomatoes, olive oil and that cheese comes from animals called cows… this knowledge did not exist.

Today is International Food Revolution Day.  Jamie’s Food Revolution aims to demand to governments around the world that it is a human right to teach children about food and it’s effect on their bodies.  Because the biggest killer of children around the world, is now diet-related disease. Last year was the first year in the history of the world where more people died of diet-related disease than of starvation and hunger.  In my opinion, education and knowledge about how to prepare food is the biggest lesson that will guide your child’s health throughout his/her life.

So if your kid’s school isn’t teaching them yet… in honor of Food Revolution Day and for your child’s health, I implore you to consider cooking or preparing some food today (and any day) with your kids.  Teach them about fruits and vegetables, take them to a farmer’s market.  Help them to help themselves stay healthy for their whole lives.  Give them the knowledge they need.

I promise you: KIDS CAN COOK!  Moreover, they will like what they make because they have a sense of pride in it.  Happy Food Revolution Day!