By: Bettina – Miami, FL

I always document my breakfasts for various reasons.

  1. I am usually home for breakfast
  2. I can’t believe I used to skip this amazing meal.
  3. Creating a balanced, bright, colorful breakfast is the easiest way to get your nutrition up front in the day so the rest of the day you can not overthink it too much.

Below are pictures of last week’s breakfasts.  You will notice and surely have already, that avocado toast is almost a daily habit for me.  I eat between half and full avocado everyday.  I credit upping the good fat in my diet (and eliminating overly processed food) to the killing my ovarian cysts, healing my eczema, getting rid of my migraines and various other ailments.  Look for my next blog about Sacred Foods and the importance of Omega3s and good, healthy fat.

So let’s pick apart last week’s breakfasts.  Avocado toast is in every picture.  One day this week I had one egg.  Another day I slathered the toast in hummus and tomato (in addition to the avocado).  Most days I coat the toast with miso.  I have been adding organic greek yogurt once or twice a week with a fruit “butter”.  The difference between and fruit butter and jam or jelly is that it’s just blended fruit and maybe some pectin and white grape juice to sweeten it.  So… no added artificial sugars. An important details.  Once you try fruit butters you won’t want to go back.  Markets like Trader Joe’s supply a wide variety.  And my toast… My delicious, nutty Mestemacher toast.  Flourless and made from sprouted grains which are so much easier for your system to breakdown than wheat flour.

You will also notice that apart from one day of a bit of raspberry butter, sweets are mostly missing from my breakfasts.  In the States we are raised on sweet cereals and pancakes and sweet breakfasts.  One of the best things you can do is really try not to wake your body and day up with sugar in the morning. It will set the tone for the rest of your day.