By: Bettina – Venice Beach, CA

Absolutely nothing left in the fridge except (thank god), some organic Greek yogurt by Wallaby and some almost over ripened fresh figs.  Its is California after all, where one can get such things at the various Farmer’s Markets.  Such luck to be out here.  This quick breakfast is a good one because figs  – besides tasting like small creamy pieces of heaven – are full of fiber and when they are fresh, they are low in sugar.  They also help lower blood pressure because of their good amounts of potassium.

Yogurt from grass-fed dairy cows is a very healthy choice – though I do limit dairy in general.   Fermented foods are one of the food items most notably missing from the standard american diet.  70% of our immune systems are found in our guts. I’ll repeat that: 70%, yes 70%, of our immune systems are found in our guts.  The fact that we don’t adequately feed our gut flora is behind the idea why we are so sick.  So many of us get sick because our immune systems need help.  I take a very high dosage of probiotics every day (50 billion) and literally haven’t been sick in years.  But getting more fermented foods into your diet is a really good first step.

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