By Bettina: Venice Beach, CA

I thought I’d be blogging a hell of a lot more while I was in California… but life happens.  While I have been working pretty long hours, I have also found that the West Coast lifestyle of early rising and early resting sits very well with me.  Somewhere in between, I find time to prepare delicious, fresh food for myself.  There is no shortage of farmer’s markets here, teaming with Californian cornucopia of real food.  Food that isn’t wrapped in plastic, food with a short shelf life.  Food that wants to be prepared as soon as you walk in the door with it.

I’ve been keeping it very simple lately.  Fresh fruits and vegetables a plenty.  Raw, truly fresh garlic in everything.  Salt, lemon and delicious local olive oil from a brand called California Coastal in Ventura.  It tastes like clean fruity, olive juice.

Every morning I have avocado toast with black heirloom tomatoes and garlic.  It’s like heaven.  Lunch is usually out somewhere and dinner is a steamed barramundi (sustainable and affordable fish) filet, some quinoa and veggies or a salad.  I feel great.

What can you make this week that’s fresh and real?