By: Mau – Northampton, MA

I’m gonna be posting about my FOOD class from time to time. I Started the ‘FOOD’ class as a way of addressing the epidemic in not so good eating. By watching the food habits of teens at North Star (the alternative learning center I work at in Hadley, MA) over the past few years I’ve been able to identify two main obstacles to good eating:

* Lack of knowledge of nutritional value of various foods vs. junk

* Lack of experience in cooking and preparing healthy, balanced meals.

In the class we identify ingredients, prepare and cook, and discuss nutritional value, environmental impact, and even policy implications of food production. The ‘FOOD’ class has become quite popular even in spite of its menu of highly nutritious, balanced, vegetable-based, ‘adult’ foods. With a donut shop across the street from North Star and a convenience store filled with sweets and empty calories only two blocks away I aim to break through the competition for young stomachs.

Here’s some pix:


chiffonading Massaged and chiffonade'd Kale