I like dirty salt!

By: Mau – Northampton, MA

Salt, like many other foodstuffs, has been bleached and whitened for far too many years. It’s finally starting to be understood that scientific purity and uniformity in food is not so good for us. The bleaching, homogenizing, over-filtering, grain-polishing, whiteness of industrial food production takes out all of the “dirty” goodness from our food – the micronutrients. These are the vitamins and minerals that we later need to supplement with by taking pills and tablets.

Dirty salt is salt that has NOT been bleached or hyperfiltered. It has a proper balance of trace minerals (minerals you need very small amounts of but absolutely need).

Unrefined salts from the Himalayas or the Celtic Sea have all these trace minerals intact. They got there because of natural processes of the earth. We are a natural process of the earth, some would argue, and we need salt for many things from our digestion (think HydroCHLORIC acid) to proper nervous system function to hormone production and balance.


It’s Pink!

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