A lot of what I have been hearing from you guys is asking for more info.  Like why no gluten? Or why Omegas? So here goes…

Bread just ain’t what it used to be.  This morning we had some dense, thick flax and sunflower seed sourdough and sweet jesus… THAT is bread.  It’s fermented (AKA; full of pre- and probiotics… those lovely little bacteria that make our guts so happy.  (For those of you interested in the science behind it, here is an article by the National Institute of Health: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23584774).  Our bread also used to be made up largely of SEEDS and NUTS!  Omegas, anyone?  Our wheat used to be better and our flour used to be made from whole grain, including the hull and germ that has the nutrients in the wheat.  Bread used to be an extremely healthy food that people made at home, daily.  But that kind of bread, goes bad in a day or two.  And that doesn’t work for grocery stores.

I am not anti-grocery stores.  Most of us, myself included, live in cities.  We need our food brought to us.  I get it.  But some of the stuff that sold in those supermarkets is just plain bad for you.  Forget not nutritious, it’s harmful.

What can you do?  There are a few brands out there that are doing really awesome jobs at making healthful breads.  One of my favorites is Mestemacher brand. They make good old rye bread, Sunflower seed bread a delicious one called fitness bread.  These breads are dark, really dark and dense.  Really delicious and tasty.  Fluffy and white? No.  But full of good stuff.  I wish there was a place you could order sourdough but it’s hard for it to travel well and doesn’t have much of a shelf-life.  I found some here in the Bay Area called Anna’s Daughter’s Rye Bread… hats off, Anna.  www.annasrye.com

So do we all need to jump on the gluten-free train? No, we don’t.  But we could all benefit from being a little more thoughtful in what we put into our bodies.  Lots less bread is a good place to start.