By: Bettina – Bolinas, CA

I am being reminded of many things on this 30 day adventure.  One is that the world does not stop no matter where you are.

I am in this remote town but my work has kept on at lightening speed.  Not a bad thing, seeing as how I love my work,  just a bit tough when we are both on conference calls all morning and lunch time sneaks up on you.  So today, somehow, we managed to still eat well despite the outside world challenges.  We also took a 6am walk and a 6pm walk.  Both for about an hour.

I am also remembering that it’s ok when your  plans change.  For example, we were planning on being vegetarian on this trip.  But yesterday we went to a local butcher just to check it out.  All of their cattle is humanely raised on nutrient dense grass.  And even then, I wasn’t going to buy anything, until I ran by a little piece of liver… and I remembered all of my health classes and Sally Fallon from the Weston Price Foundation’s talks about “sacred foods” and her particular love for liver.  I know, I know… YUCK.  But if you can get past the taste – or even better, if you can learn how to mask the taste – liver is the most nutrient dense “superfood” around.  It has more than ten times of almost any nutrient of a piece of meat.  More info here.  But as I also know, at least for myself, thatI prefer to ingest animal products only on occasion, high quality and ideally as a side dish, not entree.  So today for dinner, we had a full plate of kale, polenta, sautéed mushrooms, a salad and yes, two little slivers of liver… for our health.

For breakfast we had each one local duck egg with tons of asparagus and a Harissa Carrot salad I made yesterday during the Superbowl.  For lunch you will see here a bunch of random veggies like broccoli slaw, avocado, onions and leeks on gluten free sourdough I got at Bi-rite Market in San Francisco.  I added tahini dressing I made yesterday for some good fat and a layer of miso on the bread for some good umami flavoring.  I made it in five minutes and we both got back to our conference calls.  Perfect day!