By Bettina – Venice Canals, CA

Just arrived in Venice Beach to a beautiful little house on The Venice Canals.  (If you aren’t familiar with the area, you can check them out here on a website I like).  This trip has changed a bit from what I originally thought it would be.  Life sometime throws you for a loop but I am going to make the best of it by upping my “health” game.

I am undergoing a medical treatment in a month that requires that I eat “healthy” for the next 30 days.  When the doctor said this I wondered what I could do to boost things a bit.  Since I already eat healthy, I will be conscious to include more “sacred foods” as Mau described in a recent post, taking extra supplements, eating more consciously (even if I still have client dinners) and telling you guys about the benefits of these actions.

For my first day here, I woke up early and went for a run around the beautiful canals where I live this month. Nothing crazy, a quick 2.5 miles (it’s hot out here).  I got home really, really hungry. Which is good because I decided to fill up on greens when I realized my plate looked kind of sad.  Today I had a sprouted bread English muffin with greek yogurt and miso smother and topped with fresh organic tomatoes.  One happy pasture-raised egg; and a side of greens with a drizzle Fire Cider made by my brother, Mau.

Why are these things good for me?  Bread is not bread is not bread.

  • Sprouted bread is made from sprouted grains which have a higher nutrient content than other breads made with dry grain.  It is also less processed, more full of heart-healthy ingredients like nuts.
  • Greek yogurt = lots of protein and yummy creaminess.
  • Miso = pro and prebiotic for gut health (and umami flavor).
  • Tomatoes = just make me happy in the summer but they are also full of lycopene and other anti-oxidants.
  • Pasture-raised egg – the yolks are bright and orange.  Full of good fat + protein after my run.
  • Greens… glorious greens.  They’re just perfect in their fibrous glorious beings.
  • Fire Cider – supports your immune system and aids in healthy digestion

Happy Health Month!