It’s funny how much one can learn in 7 days of repetitive actions.

1. Just do it. If it’s food will it always taste good? Look good?  Be good? Nope.  If it’s exercise will it always be your best time? Be free of injury? Be life changing? Nope.  Even a short walk after dinner, but doing it everyday… is so beneficial!  If it’s blogging, will it always be perfect? Typo-less? Interesting? Informative? God no!  But the act of simply doing it… counts for so much.  It creates habit, and it makes your day end with gratitude for yourself for having even tried.

2. So many of you this week have reached out regarding friends who are sick.  I myself got a sad diagnosis in my own close circle.  So many of you have been trying the recipes or just stocking your fridges with vegetables and telling me about it.  That is what has made me happiest.  Well, that and running over two miles and now knowing that I can do it.  😉

3. I have been reminded that we all have knowledge in us that we ignore. We all know that doughnuts and burgers aren’t the key to long life or health or even feeling good about ourselves.  We all know that tons of sugar isn’t good for our insides and in the end, for our spirit.  We know vegetables and natural food will make us more vibrant, happy and alive.  But sometimes we go for ease.  We let doubt creep in on us.  I have this sneaky doubt always in the back of my mind that my studies haven’t been enough and maybe my food isn’t good enough.  Or healthy enough.  What if I can’t cure someone with food?  This week I remembered that those doubts don’t exist.  Natural food and purposeful living heals at least your soul. Well, it does mine.  😉