Today was more busy, work-wise, than yesterday. So 6pm crept up with no plan for dinner.  Oops.  So it was a bit of a mish-mash but we kept to our health plan and it tasted pretty good.  For a protein-laden starter for these two people who ran a beach (me) and did two hours of mountain biking (him), I mixed kale slivers with Cannellini beans, red pepper, nutritional yeast and onions.  For the main course I made a little bit of buckwheat soba noodles with sesame oil, green onions and broccoli. 

But aren’t we gluten free this month?  Yep.  You may be surprised to know that despite it’s name, Buckwheat is actually gluten-free. It is not wheat at all.  Surprise!

So we had our greens, plus some protein and some heart healthy carbs. 😉  Now for tomorrow, a bit less improvisation!

photo 1 photo 2