It stopped raining here in Marin County.  We were so happy to see the locals so ecstatic about the rain this weekend (Northern California and especially Marin with all of it’s farms have been suffering over the lack of rain), but the torrential downpours that caused floods, kept us inside all weekend.  So this morning when the sun peaked it’s head out, we went for a run (me) / a long bike ride (him). Coming back in… we were hungry.

Before I left for my run, I soaked some oats.  I also chopped up some leeks and beautiful red cabbage. When I got back, I made some quick oatmeal, with a hash of leeks, cabbage and leftover Brussels Sprouts from yesterday.  I gave Michael two eggs because he rode uphill for almost two hours and needed some extra calories (and fat and protein).  But the main idea here was to get a copious amount of greens into the first meal of the day.

Greens, greens, glorious greens (and purples)!  Red Cabbage has a whopping 42% of the recommended daily value of our favorite Vitamin K.  A good amount of Vitamin B6, potassium and manganese.  Leeks has 52% the DV of Vitamin K, 30% of Vitamin A, tons of C, 14% Folate for you ladies out there. And of course, all these guys are full of fiber, precious fiber.  The fiber that scrubs out or digestive tracts and makes us alive inside.  We love fiber!

Take away: fit vegetables into every meal!